Symonds Yat provides a home for many species of animals and plants. Particularly well known are the peregrine falcons which nest high up on the Coldwell Rocks and can be observed from Yat Rock. Many other birds can be found here: from buzzards and kestrels to woodland warblers and flycatchers. 
Along the river grey wagtails and common sandpipers can be seen as well as swans, moorhens and coots. Eagle eyed visitors may be lucky enough to see the blue flash of a kingfisher as it dives for fish. 

Many mammals can also be found here including badgers, fallow deer and the lesser horseshoe bat. More and more otters are now seen every year scooting along the river bank. 
The woods that clothe the cliffs and river banks are home to ancient oaks, limes and rare wild trees as well as ancient woodland plants such as bluebells, primroses, wild garlic, the rare herb paris, wood barley and stinking hellebore. The grassland areas support plants which provide food for the butterflies including pearl bordered fritillary, wood white and admiral.