The Wye is the most famous of English (and Welsh) salmon rivers. Record weights are caught every year. Coarse fishing is really good, and there is also excellent brown trout fishing throughout Symonds Yat. 
Over 30 species of fish have been recorded, one of the highest in Northern Europe.  
Some are native, others migratory, like sea and river lampreys, allis and twaite shad and the Atlantic salmon. A project which began in 1998 restored the salmon and trout populations in the river through improvements to the environment and water quality. 
Everyone says that the fishing in Symonds Yat is outstanding, partly due to the abundance of fish but also because you can fish in such beautiful surroundings. The good food at the pubs does not go amis either. 
We can tell you where to obtain fishing permits and point you in the direction of some of the best fishing spots along the river bank. If you need more information then please call.